What is the PID Tuner used for?

The PID Tuner is a software tool to optimally tune PID controller(s) and optional add-ons (such as feedforward). The PID controller (an abbreviation of Proportional Integral Differential) is the most widely applied feedback control formula/algorithm. It is applied in a huge variety of 'things' to automate them, such as planes, drones, cars, coffeemakers, wind turbines, furnaces, and manufacturing units. It is fair to say that the PID controller is the work horse for automation. The PID formula has three parameters that must be set or tuned in the right way and that is what is the PID Tuner is used for.

The PID Tuner makes use of proven methods that are rather complicated. However, as a user, you are not bothered by the complicated control theory. Instead, you can focus on getting the job done. To do so, you go through a step-by-step procedure. It works just like the simple apps on your mobile phone.

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