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Our team has extensive experience with implementing advanced control solutions in e.g. C, Siemens S7, Allen Bradley, etc.
We will solve your problem and make sure that it works in practice.
Go to CASE STUDIES for examples of what we have done for our customers.

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How to use the quickscan

Are you doubting if your control system functions optimally? We are happy to perform a quick scan of your control system.
Simply upload a file containing process data and we will send you an analysis of your data for free within 24 hours. We will check if your controller functions optimally. If it does not, we will show you how much you can improve in quality, energy savings, and CO2 reduction.

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Contact us and tell us about your control challenge. We attack your control challenge using the PID Tuner tool and whatever else is needed. We make sure that whatever we come up with works in practice.
Go to our CASE STUDIES to see some examples of our work. The steps below show how we approach your challenge:  


We listen to your problems, we will make sure we fully understand your needs.


We start investigating solutions to your problem, we will send you a quote which contains the tasks that we think are necessary to solve your problem


We start working on the tasks, and we implement the solutions.


We make sure everything works as expected, and we will present in a report how much you have gained.

Succes Stories

February 15, 2019

Balta Group (carpet dying)

The Balta Group in Belgium produces carpets. Some of the carpets are dyed with different colors. In order to apply the dye correctly, the flow control system of the dye machine must be fast and accurate. Using the PID Tuner, the flow control loop improved by 400%.
April 19, 2018

Steam boiler pressure control

The boiler pressure control of a sludge dryer suffered from serious problems. To resolve the issues, the PID Tuner was used and the control system was restructured. This new control system was commisioned in one go, without the need for any retuning.
October 2, 2017

Dishman Netherlands

Dishman Netherlands manufactures vitamin D, cholesterol and lanolin, using, among others a distillation column. We implemented and tuned two PID controllers (using the PID Tuner) to automate this column. Besides the obvious advantages, the energy consumption reduced with at least 8%.

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