Make the installation function (according to specs)

It sounds so obvious: "Make the installation function (according to specs)". Of course! In the design phase, the engineer usually assumes that the control system will function according to specifications, without (having the possibility for) testing in advance. As a result, the commisioning of a new installation can result in unpleasant suprises, including an installation that simply does not funcion at all!

This (an installation that does not function according to specs) is not uncommon!

You can reduce the risks of this happening by: (1) making sure that the control system is tuned properly, (2) testing the control system in advance (using othe Digital Twin function which is built in the PID Tuner). Prepare the software for the PID Tuner, and be ready for the commissioning. Read this post to find out how we applied this apporach to Dishman Nederland.

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