PID Tuner Software


What does it do?

Using the PID Tuner, you can apply the latest insights in control engineering to your industrial environment with the click of a button. PID controllers in any software and hardware environment (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Arduino, etc.) can be optimally tuned with the PID Tuner.

Our packages

Each PID Tuner license is valid for an unlimited number of control loops. However, each license is fixed to one computer only (it checks the MAC address). Of course, if you change from computer, we will be glad to provide you with a new license. We are not so rigid.

Features of the PID Tuner


Use it on-line or off-line

The PID Tuner can be used in two modes: on-line or off-line. In on-line mode, it communicates with the control computer in real-time. In off-line mode it reads logged data from a file.


Connect to any brand PLC

In on-line mode, the PID Tuner can communicate with control computers via OPC DA. Therefore, it can connect to any brand controller hardware, such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Arduino, etc. In addition, it can connect to any simulation software, such as Matlab, Simulink, gProms, Aspen Technology.


Tune multiple PID loops that interact

The PID Tuner can tune mutiple PID loops that interact with each other. It does so by minimising a mathematical cost function, subject to the model that you created previously, with step tests.


Improve your PID loops with add-ons

The PID Tuner can tune add-ons to the PID controller like feedforward and decoupler These rascalls are simple to program, but can be hard to tune. With the PID Tuner, tuning them is easy, and moreover, you can evaluate their effectiveness in advance, before you program them in the PLC.


Minimize risks

PID tuning in a production envrionment can be scary. Why? Firstly, because PID controllers can become unstable. Secondly, you need to perform tests during (normal) production. The PID Tuner helps to reduce risks, both during the tests, and during tuning.


Monitor the loops on-line

Monitor in real-time how the PID controller(s) behave(s), i.e. watch the controlled variable(s), the manipulated variable(s), and any other tags you want to add.


Evaluate different control options off-line

Use the interactive off-line simulation environment to evaluate what-if scenarios: does it pay to use PID instead of PI control? Will Feedforward help? Compare performance between 'old' and 'new' settings, and check if it is worthwile to program add-ons like feedforward, or tune the PID more 'tightly'. Manually adjust settings, or use our tuning tools, and immidiately watch the simulated effect on your loop(s), process variables, and manipulated variables.


Automatic Report Generation

Once the PID loop(s) (and optional add-ons) have been tuned and tested in real-life, a report (Click here for an example) is generated that shows the performance with both the old and new settings. Use it for future reference,or to impress your boss.


Pay for results

We want to make sure that our software does what it should do: allow you and your colleagues to use our software as we intended and promised. Therefore, we just want to be paid to gaurantee this. Hence, we do not send you the software with instructions and wish you good luck, but, instead, we make sure it works for you.
  • DotX Control Solutions B.V. has now solved a number of complex measurement and control technical problems in the gas cleaning process of Kooks- en Gasfabriek 2 by Tatasteel IJmuiden. In addition to adequate solutions for measurement and control problems, DotX Control Solutions provides B.V. tailor-made solutions, such as training and information for our own personnel, and a clear report with which our own technical department is able to take care of follow-up maintenance work and possibly to continue new disruptions.
    Ad Besseling
    TATA Steel
  • Mr. Schuurmans proves not only to be able to provide a clear insight into the theoretical side, but also to be able to implement a very practical implementation of the new control concepts. Works well and energetically with our own managers.    
    J. Dekker
    TATA Steel
  • Rob van Helvoort
    In-depth knowledge, consultancy experience and didactic qualities obout the subject of control engineering are essential for the design and implementation of our Process Control course. This is done with knowledge and reliability by Dotx Control.
    Rob van Helvoort

Clients and partners


February 15, 2019

Balta Group (carpet dying)

The Balta Group in Belgium produces carpets. Some of the carpets are dyed with different colors. In order to apply the dye correctly, the flow control system of the dye machine must be fast and accurate. Using the PID Tuner, the flow control loop improved by 400%.
April 19, 2018

Steam boiler pressure control

The boiler pressure control of a sludge dryer suffered from serious problems. To resolve the issues, the PID Tuner was used and the control system was restructured. This new control system was commisioned in one go, without the need for any retuning.
October 2, 2017

Dishman Netherlands

Dishman Netherlands manufactures vitamin D, cholesterol and lanolin, using, among others a distillation column. We implemented and tuned two PID controllers (using the PID Tuner) to automate this column. Besides the obvious advantages, the energy consumption reduced with at least 8%.

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